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Jalila Dahane, Photographe


Set the amount of your support by clicking the up & down buttons and click on the support button.

You don't have to register to support, it can be made anonymously.


You'll be redirected to the payment page where you can finalize your transaction with paypal or a credit card.

This is a one time, non recurring payment.


After the transaction, you can choose to register as a supporter and don't stay anonymous.

You could then enable your localization and send a message to the artist, this message will be sent to him by email and displayed on his page.

CrowdPromoting Want to help your favorites creatives furthermore?
Become a Crowdpromoter: create collections, share support links and get a piece of the pie.


Start by creating an account on support.link

After you've provided a username, email and password, you will be directed to the page "Create your page", click on the blue link: "I'm not a content creator" to skip this step and finish the registration.

Create an account.


Once you're logged in, search for artists or content you like and start building your collections.

Every Support links or Support buttons shared from your collections will set you as a partner when a donation is made.


Once your collections are ready, you are good to go.

Embed Support buttons from your collections on your website and share Support links from your collections with your friends & community.

The more you share, the more your favorites artists gain exposure and potential Supports.

What is a Support link? An http link or a button that helps creators to get money from their content.
It allows people who enjoy their content to Support their talent simply, directly and freely.

On this page, you can enjoy the artist's work, share his Support links
and support the creator with a donation.

artist's page
Darkness Dynamite
Under the Painted Sky
$ 3 632.40 from 3 027 fans
average Support of $ 1.20

You can freely set the amount of your donation. It is a way to financially support an artist and show your enjoyment.

Instead of sharing content from Youtube, Soundcloud ... Share the content you like with a support link.

Your friend will enjoy the same content and it allows them the ability to support the artist.

It's the best way for a creator to spread his Support links and be Supported.


We care about transparency as much as you do!

By clicking on the "more information" link, you and everybody can easily access the donations details from the artist's page ... who is supported? how many times? for how much?