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From the downbeat of their first song, you’ll realize this is unlike any country band you’ve ever heard before. Their sound is a unique blending of big vocals and big guitars, with a healthy dose of fiddle, and mandolin mixed in for good measure. The songs and production are of such a high-caliber, it’s hard to believe this project is self-produced. With it’s distinctive sound and hook laden tunes, you will be driven to listen again and again.

Although Cash Creek is a relatively new band, it’s members have enjoyed long histories and friendships together, some going as far back as the fifth grade! Each has carved out their own niche in the music industry as entertainers, road and session musicians, producers, and songwriters. When they formed what is now the band, they knew they wanted to create a sound that would reflect a common vision, and maintain a cohesiveness that would be instantly recognizable, regardless of the song. Well, one can safely say, mission accomplished!

The members of Cash Creek are seasoned professionals with experience at the highest levels. The list of artists they’ve worked with reads like a “who’s who” in Country Music, including Trace Adkins, Hank Williams, Jr., John Michael Montgomery, Josh Turner, Pam Tillis, David Lee Murphy and many more. Needless to say, they know how to play in the big leagues.

Witnessing a Cash Creek show is a pure pleasure. Writers and critics use phrases like “high energy”, “strong stage presence” and “charisma”, which Cash Creek has in truckloads, but it’s their ability to make it look so easy and seem to truly enjoy what they’re doing is really what is so engaging and entertaining about this band.

Geographically, Cash Creek runs “all over the map”, with it’s members hailing from Tennessee, California, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. Musically, they come from a place where, razor-sharp musicianship, seamless harmonies, and top-drawer songs flow into years of experience and a true passion for what they do. It’s a place called Cash Creek!

Cash Creek is –

Kimo Forrest - guitars, keyboards, lead vocals

Steve Stokes – fiddle, mandolin, guitars, vocals

Monty Devita – bass, vocals

Brad Smith – guitars, vocals

Jim Blaylock – drums