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With so many concert halls paying musicians little or no payments for performing (even when the audience buys tickets), and with almost unlimited free access to music downloads on the Internet, Musicians these days depend almost entirely on the generous support of listeners like you.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support, it really means a lot to me, and will help me to continue advancing my career as a classical pianist. I hope that you are enjoying my music, and that you will return to my YouTube channel and website often, and when possible, I hope that you will have an opportunity to attend one of my concerts. - Yulia

* (While most contributions will be in the $10 - $100 range, any contributions of $2,000 or more will entitle the contributor to a private recital by Yulia at the location of their choice (provided that the donor will also pay all travel costs).


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Dr. Yulia Kazantseva, of Moscow, Russia, performed her first public solo concert in Moscow at the age of 7, and was selected at the age of 13 by UNESCO to perform at the “Music for Peace” concert, where she shared the stage with Sting, Zucchero, Montserrat Caballe, Lionel Richie, and other internationally-acclaimed musicians.

She has since claimed 1st Prize at numerous international competitions, including The Nikolai Rubenstein International Piano Competition (Paris, France), The 3rd International Academy Awards Competition (Rome, Italy), The Rovero d’Oro International Competition (Italy), and The International Competition of Young Performers (Kiev, Ukraine). Yulia has performed solo recitals, concerts with orchestras, and performed at festivals in France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia, Israel, China, Ukraine, and Russia.

Yulia graduated from the prestigious Moscow Conservatory in 2010, with highest honors, where she also earned her Doctor of Fine Arts degree in 2015. She continues her post-graduate studies with Maestro Daniele Petralia, professor of Piano Performance at the Academia Pianistica Siciliana in Catania, Sicily (Italy).


2015 Doctor of Fine Arts, Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory

2012 Masters in Piano Performance, Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory

2010 Bachelor of Arts, Piano Performance (with Highest Honors/Red Diploma)


2005 Moscow State Chopin College of Musical Performance (secondary school)

2001 Moscow Vlasenko School of Music №73 (primary school)


2014 - 2nd Prize, F. Moscato International Competition (Italy)

2013 - 1st Prize "Academy Award International Competition (Rome, Italy)

2012 - Finalist, Concorso Pianistico Internaxionale Guido Alberto Fano (Italy)

2012 - 1st Prize, International Independent Piano & Opera Competition (Russia)

2008 - 1st Prize, 21st Century Artists International Competition of Young Performers (Ukraine )

2000 - 1st Prize, Moscow Beethoven Festival (Russia)

1999 - 1st Prize, 1st Festival of Children’s Arts New Names of Moscow (Russia)

1998 - 1st Prize, Nikolai Rubinstein International Piano Competition (Paris, France)

1997 - 1st Prize, Rovero d'Oro International Instrumentalists Competition (Italy)

1996 - 1st Prize, Shostakovich International Competition of Young Pianists (Russia)



Anton Lubchenko's "Small Concert Music", The Primorsky State Opera and Ballet Theatre Symphony, (Anton Lubchenko conducting), Vladivostok, Russia


Mozart Concerto KV 414 in A major, Athens Chamber Orchestra (Geore Aravidis conducting), Poros, Greece


Tchaikovsky Concert No. 1, Symphony Orchestra of Sochi (A. Lebedev conducting) .Sochi Philharmonic’s Organ and Chamber Music Hall [Television]


Balakirev Concert No. 1, Moscow State Conservatory Symphony Orchestra (L. Nikolaev conducting) Moscow State Conservatory, Grand Hall


Balakirev Concert No. 1, World Children's Symphony Orchestra (L. Nikolaev conducting) The State Central Hall Russia


2015 Russia

"Russian Piano Music", "Richter Festival", Bogolubov Cultural Library (Moscow)

"From Bach to Berg", Rudomeno National Library of Foreign Literature (Moscow)

"Russian Piano Music", National Museum of History (Moscow)

"Classical Selections", Durosova Palace (Moscow)

"From Bach to Berg", House of Culture on Patriarch's Pond (Moscow)

Italy (Sicily)

"Benvenuta Primavera in Musica", Chiesa Madre di Mascalucia (Mascalucia)

2014 Russia

"Classical Selections", Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul (Moscow)

"Contemporary Piano Music", Bogolubov Cultural Library (Moscow)

"Romantic Piano Music", National Library of Foreign Literature (Moscow)

"Classical Selections", Hall of Mirrors, National Institute of Art (Moscow)

2013 Greece

"Piano Magic" International Music Festival (Poros)


"A Classical Odessey", Teatro Keiros (Rome)


"Gradus ad Parnassum" Festival, Jurgenson Musical Library (Moscow)

"Evenings of Arts Around Moscow" (Chernogolovka)

2012 Russia

Solo Recital, Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Myakovsky Hall (Moscow)

Sochi Philharmonic Organ & Chamber Music Hall (Sochi)

"Festival of Forgotten Music", Glinka National Music Museum (Moscow)


"Piano Classics", Teatro Keiros (Rome)

2011 Russia

German Culture House (Moscow)

Sochi Philharmonic Organ & Chamber Music Hall (Sochi)

XXI Velvet Season Festival of Chamber Music (Sochi-Adler)

Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Myakovsky Hall

"Red Square Festival" - National Historical Museum (Moscow)

2nd International Christmas to Christmas Bach Festival (Moscow)


Steinway Haus, Rubinstein Hall (Munich)

2010 Russia

2nd International Music in Exile Festival (Moscow)

2008 Germany

Guelph Castle, Knights Hall (Hann-Münden)

Hummers Kultursalon (Sossmar)


6th International European Piano Express Festival (St. Petersburg)

2007 Germany

Guelph Castle, Knights Hall (Hann-Münden)


Rerikh International Center (Moscow)

1999 France

UNESCO 'International Concert for Peace' (Paris)

Юлия Казанцева в 2010 г. закончила с отличием фортепианный факультет Московской государственной консерватории имени П. И. Чайковского, класс Народного артиста России профессора А. А. Наседкина, и аспирантуру Московской консерватории, класс Заслуженной артистки России П. В. Федотовой. В 2015 г. защитила кандидатскую диссертацию "Фортепианная музыка А.Шёнберга". В настоящее время продолжает своё образование в Accademia Pianistica Siciliana (Италия) в классе профессора Даниэля Петралии.

Юлия уже много лет ведёт активную концертную деятельность в России и зарубежём. Представляла молодых музыкантов России в концерте UNESCO, посвящённому наступлению третьего тысячелетия (1999), выступает с сольными концертами и участвует в международных фестивалях, среди которых «Кремль музыкальный» (Москва, 2003), «Европейский фортепианный экспресс» (С.-Петербург, 2008), II Международный Баховский фестиваль (Москва, 2011), «Red Square Festival» (Москва, 2011), «Бархатный сезон» (Адлер, 2011), «Венский сувенир» (Москва, 2012), "Piano Magic" (Poros, 3013).

Выступала с симфоническими оркестрами: Московской государственной консерватории, Сочинским филармоническим, Афинским камерным оркестром, симоническим оркестром приморского театра оперы и балета (Владивосток)

Участвовала в международных конкурсах и имеет награды: 2ая премия Международного конкурса "F.Moscato" (Италия, 2014), 1ая премия Международного конкурса "Academy Award 2013" (Рим), 1ая премия Международного конкурса молодых исполнителей «Искусство в 21 веке» (Киев, 2008); 1ая премия Международного независимого конкурса пианистов и вокалистов (Москва, 2012); диплом Международного конкурса пианистов "Guido Alberto Fano" (Италия, 2012).

В 2015г. Европейской Лигой Содружеств Юлия награждена медалью "За заслуги в