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Youri Menna

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I am currently travelling through Germany, performing on festivals and in the street - thanks for your support! Please share my support links - Youri

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Born and raised in Naples (IT), Youri knew very early that he wanted to explore the world and discover what's out there for him. He moved to Paris where he started playing guitar and singing as a hobby after work. Almost by chance, he one day decided to go out and sing at the square of the art centre of Pompidou with some other buskers and the people started to make a crowd.
Since 2010, Youri is a full-time busker (street artist), who travels the world with his music in order to spread his messages of humanity, realism and love. He auto produced his first album 'Melodies from a Busker' which is available on his website and iTunes and plans to launch his second album in 2017.
Stay tuned and follow his unique journey of life!