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Any support means a world for us.

Knowing that more people are enjoying our music as much as we love playing it is the best gift and stimulus for us.

Thank you! Xx

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The fresh and innovative three-piece band curves the worlds of emotion through their intimate sound of soul-electronica. Animating a spectrum of sensations into a tangible form of delicate rhythms and captivating voice, they feed the thirsty ears with authentic soulful vibes and leave you pondering in the labyrinths of self. By exploring the interaction of sound/space/visual imagery they forge an immersive experience which challenges audiences to re-evaluate their expectations of live performance.

Following their successful debut, Sophro has recently launched their first EP Gone For Now in collaboration with a visual artist Carlos Bernal aka Atipyka.

After their successful performances around Manchester, Chorlton Arts Festival, Kendal Calling Festival 2016, Sophro is preparing their second EP and are expecting to release it within a year.