"Thank you for your support, it means a lot! Share my support link"

Jalila Dahane, Photographe

1. create your Support link Give us a link to your content : audio, video, photo, article, tweet ...

this unique Support link leads to the content with a button to support you

Lunar Experiments

Sacred Mountain [Official Video]

can be used as an hyperlink,
a support button to embed or a QR Code

2. share - embed - broadcast

facebook share

3. Crowdpromoting

To increase content delivery,
everyone is encouraged to share your support link


To ensure the presence of your support button,
those who broadcast the content are encouraged to embed your support button

This is how the collected supports are distributed

support link shared
support button embeded
You get Supporter / Promoter get Support.link get
By you 100% 0% 0%
By a registered Supporter / Promoter 90% 10% 0%
By a non registered Supporter / Promoter 90% 0% 10%

Payments received on support.link are donations, they are made without counterpart for the supporter
and come in addition to all others advertising revenues that would normally be displayed with your content.
Supports are made and paid through a secured Paypal account.

The Support link An http link or a button which appears on the screen where and when the content is broadcasted.
It allows people who enjoy to Support your talent simply, directly and freely.

On this page, everybody can enjoy content, share your Support links
and support you with a donation.

artist's page

Social networks are the place where fans share & enjoy music,videos & photos.

Sync your streaming channels (YouTube, SoundCloud,...) with Support.link and share your Support links with your fans on social networks.

It's the best way for you to spread your Support links and be Supported.

Write a message to your public, it will be displayed on your page and when your support links are shared on social networks.
Ex : Thanks for your supports

You can also raise your voice for a cause.
Ex : All your supports will be offered to the foundation ...

facebook share

It can be copied & pasted directly from your artist's page and added in your work's description on Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram ...

Darkness Dynamite
Under the Painted Sky
$ 3 632.40 from 3 027 fans
average Support of $ 1.20

A button for each of your content, embeddable by everyone on a website, a blog, an app ...

support link QR code

Meant to be used outside the internet, the support link as a QR code can be printed, displayed where you are performing, used on a flyer, a poster, a sticker ...

This QR Code leads to your support buttons.


Everybody can easily access the donations details from the artist's page ... who is supported? how many times? for how much?

The money is available for Artists and Partners upon request through a Paypal account.

For more details, please refer to the learn more page.


Beyond the financial support, your Support.link account give you access to unique services and informations :

  • Donations reports
  • Multi-Users Accounts for labels/managers
  • Direct to fans communication
  • Geolocation of your supporters
  • Analytics of your content

We're always working on new ways to tighten the relation between you and your fans.

Be sure to check our blog to stay updated.

Why sharing with the support link? Your community is a source of additional income, find out how much you could earn

How many visitors do your have on your website ( or youtube channel, facebook page ... ) per month ?

With 1000 visitors, you could earn $ 336 thanks to your support link

According to our statistics, 7% of visitors support, for an average donation of $ 4.80
The graph shows the sources of revenue generally observed for a content creator

Breakdown of income ( % )

  • Affiliation 10
  • Advertising 10
  • Sponsors 0
  • Consulting 0

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