Terms of service

The use of the functionalities offered by REWARD.LINK on the website www.SUPPORT.LINK implies the unreserved acceptance of the present general terms of use:


The www.SUPPORT.LINK website hereinafter referred to as the “SITE” is edited and administered by REWARD.LINK, a simplified joint stock company with a capital of €100,000 registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under the number 847 923 638 located in Paris, 8th 23, rue d'Anjou, presided by Mr Florian TORRES.

The website www.SUPPORT.LINK is hosted by GANDI SAS, 63-65 boulevard Masséna, 75013 Paris - +33. (0) 1


INTERNET USER: User of the service

USER: Anyone who has created an account on the WEBSITE

CONTENT: Hyperlink communicated by the USER to the WEBSITE to create a SUPPORTLINK

SUPPORT: Monetary donation made via a SUPPORTBUTTON by an INTERNET USER for the benefit of a USER, without consideration, to support the USER and/or encourage the USER in his creative approach.

SUPPORTLINK: Hypertext link, communicated by the USER to the SITE, associated with a SUPPORTBUTTON

SUPPORTBUTTON: Button that allows a USER to make a SUPPORT and PROMOTE


SUPPORTLINK: Hypertext link created by the SITE that directs the USER to a CONTENT associated with a SUPPORTBUTTON.

SUPPORTBUTTON: Embeddable button created by the WEBSITE that allows to set the amount of a SUPPORT, that allows to access a payment platform to confirm and finalize the money transfer, that allows to PROMOTE a CONTENT.

PROMOTER: USER connected to the WEBSITE who PROMOTES PROMOTE: Button/action to share a SUPPORTLINK or integration of a SUPPORTBUTTON by a USER.

REWARD RATE: Rate set by the USER, applicable on the amount of the SUPPORT collected.


REWARD: Reward received by the PROMOTER. It corresponds to the SUPPORT collected on the PROMOTER network multiplied by the REWARD RATE of the BENEFICIARY, at the time of the PROMOTE.

SUPPORT.LINK DATABASE: Computer database, including data allowing the identification of the CONTENTS, USERS, the recording of interactions, of the SUPPORTS, PROMOTES and REWARDS.

LOGIN DETAILS: Username and password communicated by a USER to access their account on the SITE


SUPPORT.LINK hosts a social network based on the «Crowdpromoting». The «Crowdpromoting» consists in engaging the public in the promotion, the spread of the CONTENT against sharing the SUPPORTS collected on its network with the PROMOTER. It allows the free promotion of the CONTENT and the funding of talent.

These terms and conditions govern the conditions under which the SITE ensures the promotion of the CONTENTS, the collection of SUPPORTS and their redistribution to USERS.


The WEBSITE can be accessed at the following URL: “www.SUPPORT.LINK.com”.

The WEBSITE is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The WEBSITE may be inaccessible for maintenance reasons.


Each USER can be supported, supporter, promoted or promoter.

Creating an account is free. It allows you to:

1. Create a Page

2. The use of CROWDPROMOTING tools, intended to be promoted and supported:


Any legally shareable link can be freely promoted and used without legal restrictions to be supported.

- setting the REWARD RATE, from 0% to 50% of the SUPPORTS collected on the PROMOTERS' networks

- SUPPORTS collection

3. The use of the tools created for the PROMOTERS and the collection of REWARDS

4. Network interaction with other USERS

5. Record your actions on the WEBSITE, creation of SUPPORTLINKS, SUPPORTS, PROMOTES, REWARDS.

6. Using an electronic wallet, presenting an inventory of transactions and your credit balance.

7. The use of the payment functions, to order the WEBSITE to pay your balance in your PayPal account or to supply your wallet and avoid recurring fees of the payment platforms at each SUPPORT.

For the sake of accessibility, creating an ACCOUNT is not required to SUPPORT, to share SUPPORTLINKS or integrate SUPPORTBUTTONS ; it is necessary to collect SUPPORTS and REWARDS.

Please note: to obtain payment of SUPPORTS and REWARDS collected, a PAYPAL Premier or PAYPAL Business account, allowing you to receive funds, is required. Therefore you accept without reservation the terms of use of the PAYPAL Service available here: https://www.paypal.com/en/webapps/mpp/ua/legalhub-full .

To register the USER must identify himself (name, mail, visuals, social links) and choose his CONNECTION DETAILS.

The INTERNET USER guarantees the correctness of the information provided, and the statements that he could make at the time of his registration or later.

Record-keeping and use of the Internet User’s CONNECTION DETAILS are under his sole responsibility. In particular, the Internet user is warned of the insecurity built into the use of the function of automatic memorization of the CONNECTION details that his computer system can allow, and declares full responsibility for the use and the possible consequences of such a function.

Any use of the User Account following access with the CONNECTION DETAILS will be deemed to be made by the User, and REWARD.LINK shall under no circumstances be held responsible for the adverse effects to the Co-Contracting Party resulting from the unlawful, fraudulent or abusive use of the Internet CONNECTION DETAILS. The INTERNET USER is invited to contact the WEBSITE as soon as possible in the event of loss or suspicion of fraudulent use of its CONNECTION DETAILS. The INTERNET USER is informed that the loss of his password exposes him to the impossibility to consult his ACCOUNT.

The USER who uses the CROWDPROMOTING tools and creates a SUPPORTLINK:

- Gives REWARD.LINK a mandate to receive on its name and on its behalf SUPPORTS.

- Mandates REWARD.LINK and all INTERNET USERS to share their SUPPORTLINKS or integrate their SUPPORTBUTTONS.

- Mandates REWARD.LINK to pay REWARDS to PROMOTERS or, in absence of PROMOTERS, to REWARD.LINK


- It is up to each INTERNET USER to verify the identity, quality and legitimacy of the BENEFICIARY without recourse against REWARD.LINK.

- The SUPPORTS are made in US Dollars and converted into the currency of the INTERNET USER, if applicable, by the payment platforms offered on the WEBSITE.

- The mandates mentioned above are concluded without territorial restriction for each CONTENT of the account. Each mandate is concluded for an indefinite period and may be terminated without notice by each party and without severance pay. The SUPPORTS received in execution of the mandate will be cashed in an account administered by REWARD.LINK pending their payment to the BENEFICIARY and PROMOTER according to the conditions set out below.

- The SUPPORTS collected by the WEBSITE will be available to the BENEFICIARY, unless the SUPPORTLINK is reported by an INTERNET USER, 24 hours after they are cashed by the WEBSITE. The part of the SUPPORTS collected returning to the BENEFICIARY will be paid on request by the BENEFICIARY via its PAYPAL account. The costs of the transfer remain the responsibility of the BENEFICIARY. In case the transfer costs exceed the part of the SUPPORTS collected that belongs to the BENEFICIARY, the BENEFICIARY must advance the costs of the transfer to the WEBSITE.

Any payment requires the communication by the BENEFICIARY of a PAYPAL Premier or PAYPAL Business account. If the PAYPAL Premier or PAYPAL Business account is not communicated within 60 days of the first payment request by the BENEFICIARY, the SUPPORTS collected will be returned to the INTERNET USERS after deduction of the transfer costs.

- The REWARDS are acquired by the PROMOTER at the same time as the SUPPORTS are collected. REWARDS are available to the PROMOTER 24 hours after receipt of the SUPPORT by the WEBSITE, unless the SUPPORTLINK promoted is reported by an INTERNET USER. The REWARDS are paid on request by the PROMOTER via his PAYPAL account. The costs of the transfer remain the responsibility of the PROMOTER. In the event that the transfer costs exceed the part of the SUPPORTS collected that belongs to the PROMOTER, the PROMOTER must advance the costs of the transfer to the WEBSITE.

- The communication by the USER of visuals and social links allowing its identification and the CONTENTS is made under its sole responsibility. It authorises REWARD.LINK, for all territories and until the closure of the USER Account, to reproduce said visuals, social links and the CONTENTS within the WEBSITE and on the SUPPORTBUTTONS. The USER declares to have the rights and powers required for this purpose.

- The WEBSITE will inform the USER and the public, in real-time, of the number and amount of SUPPORTS/REWARDS collected for each SUPPORTLINK. The SUPPORTLINKS, the SUPPPORTBUTTONS will be shared or integrated in compliance with the recommendations and conditions specifide by the WEBSITE.

- No SUPPORT, no REWARD can be collected or paid to USERS whose activity would be contrary to the Law.

- Any INTERNET USER,USER shall refrain from creating and/or sharing a SUPPORTLINK directed to content that could be considered defamatory, offensive, pornographic, contrary to human dignity, contrary to public order or good morals and, in general, contrary to the law.

Given the nature of the service provided by REWARD.LINK, the user of the service expressly waives any right of cancellation, and in particular, by application of article L 121-21-8 1° of the French Consumer Code.

REWARD.LINK reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, all or part of the Terms of Use.

The use of the WEBSITE, the creation of an ACCOUNT, the payment of SUPPORTS and REWARDS request that your personal data be collected and processed. The collection and processing of your data is done in compliance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, amended by Law No. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004, the European Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data of 27 April 2016 and the Law of 21 June 2004 on Trust in the Digital Economy.

Each USER has a right of access, modification, correction and deletion of his personal data on simple request sent by Registered letter to REWARD.LINK, 23 rue d'Anjou, 75008 Paris. The WEBSITE uses cookies. These cookies allow the WEBSITE to identify your connection terminal, IP address and preferences to facilitate access and navigation on the WEBSITE. These cookies are stored directly on your terminal for 12 months. You can refuse the installation of cookies but you will limit the functionality of the WEBSITE.

The WEBSITE, its General structure, its contents, the method and code for the production of SUPPORTLINKS and SUPPORTBUTTONS, the Crowdpromoting model proposed by REWARD.LINK on the SITE, are protected by copyright. The WEBSITE provides technical assistance accessible via the Contact form. The General Terms of Use are subject to French law and the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris has sole jurisdiction in case of conflict.